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The stunning Pangong lake also known as Pangong Tso lake is situated near Leh in the Nothern part of India. This famous and enthralling Lake is 134 kilometers long and extends from India to China, with two-thirds of Pangong lake in China side. As the Lake is situated close to the Indo-China border, you are required to get an Inner Line permit to visit this place.  

Pangong Lake in Ladakh has such a mesmerizing beauty that people may wonder whether such a place exists in India. The serenity, tranquillity and sublime beauty of Pangong Lake has made it a tourist’s paradise. 

It is one of those attractions in India that is now in every traveler’s travel wish list. 

Here are the complete details about Pangong lake you should know when you visit Ladakh.

How far is Pangong Lake from Leh?

 Leh to Pangong Lake distance is 223 km, and it takes about 5 hours to cover this distance by road. The entire route from Leh to Pangong Lake is an epitome of scenic beauty. 

How do I get from Leh to Pangong Lake?

Pangong Lake can only be reached by road from Leh via the Changla Pass. 

There are regular bus services run by JKSRTC i.e Jammu and Kashmir state road transport corporation. Private Taxis can be hired from Leh to Pangong Lake. Motorbikes and jeeps are also available at reasonable rates. Do fill fuel at Leh before embarking on this breathtaking journey from Leh to Pangong lake and also carry extra fuel, as there are no petrol stations near Pangong Tso.

There is another rote to reach Pangong Lake from Nubra Valley. There is a road from Nubra valley to Pangong lake via Wari La pass. The Nubra Valley to Pangong lake distance via this route is about 240 km from Hunder, and from Diskit the total length is about 228 km by road. 

What is the Leh to Pangong Lake taxi fare?

The Leh to Pangong Lake Taxi fare is listed below.

Leh to Pangong Tso Lake Taxi Fare Taxi Rate (XUV/Innova) INR Tempo Traveler INR
Leh to Pangong Tso Lake 1 Day                                     9,518.00                    10,816.00
Leh to Pangong Tso Lake (Spangmik) in 2 Days                                   11,331.00                    13,416.00
Leh to Nubra – Pangong Lake via Shyok in 3 Days                                   20,373.00                    24,449.00

These are indicative fares,  Do check the latest fares on arrival in Leh.

What is Pangong Lake Altitude?

Pangong lake altitude is of 4350 meters, and Pangong lake height in feet is 16,530 ft. Because of its high altitude, the Pangong Lake temperature ranges from -5°C to 15°C even in summer. 

How is Pangong Lake in winter?

During winter the Pangong lake temperature is between -10 to -30c and it freezes utterly due to extreme cold weather. It is challenging to reach Pangong Lake during winter as the route is mainly inaccessible due to snow in the high passes. Sometimes the road is open, and you can visit it to see a different landscape of Pangong lake. The scenery in winter exhibits a vivid contrast with sand dominating on one side and the frozen Lake like a turquoise sheet of snow on the other side. You can even walk all over this ethereal frozen lake sheet during winter.

There are no stay options in Pangong lake in winter. You may get someplace to stay in Tangste which is about 32 kilometers from Pangong Lake. 

What is the Pangong Lake 3 Idiots Point?

Pangong Lake 3 Idiots Point

Pangong Lake has become more popular after the Bollywood movie ‘3 Idiots’ featured this place. There is a scene in the film when Kareena Kapoor, in a bridal suite is driving a yellow scooter and approaching Amir Khan. In this shot, the background scenery is so stunning that almost everyone wants to click a photo at the same location.

There is a yellow scooter parked at the same place which is now famous as the Pangong Lake 3 idiots point.

Why is Pangong Lake blue?

Pangong Lake appears blue because of the reflection of the clear blue sky in the sparkling and still water of the Lake. But isn’t blue throughout the year or even the day. Depending on the position of the sun, it changes colors from azure to light blue to green and grey too! 

Hotels in Pangong Lake

There are no star hotels in Pangong Lake. You will get 3-Star hotels to stay in Tangste, which is about 32 kilometers from Pangong Lake. 

There are homestays around the vicinity of Lukung which is close by which you can try out here where local households provide accommodation. 

Most tourists prefer to stay in camps in Pangong lake near Spangmik village. These camps are situated facing the magnificent Pangong Lake with stunning panoramic views of the lake. Camps at Pangong lake are large size walk-in tents with beds. They are quite clean, comfortable and cozy with meals included in the package. 

The beautiful setting of this Pangong lake stay makes it an ideal spot to relax and unwind.

Tourists, who don’t have sufficient days for Pangong lake stay, take a day trip to the lake from Leh.

What is the Best time to visit Pangong Lake

The best time to visit Pangong Lake Ladakh is in summers, from June to September. In winter, due to its high altitude and extreme cold, the lake would be frozen, and the Chang La Pass may be closed as well for travel. A visit in summer is the best choice to witness different migratory birds and other flora fauna.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we swim in Pangong Lake?

No. Its not advisable to swim in Panging Lake as Lakes are considered sacred by the locals and are not used for bathing or swimming. Secondly, the water of Pangong lake is freezing cold even in summer. Your entire body will go numb if you take a dip in the lake.

How Pangong lake was formed?

Pangong lake wad formed when the Indian plate collided with the Eurasian plate several years ago. It is actual seawater which has got locked and when these two plates collided. That is the reason the water is salty and it’s not a sweet water lake. The water does not drain out in any ocean and it receives freshwater from the snow melting from the surrounding mountains.

Are there fishes in Pangong Lake?

No. There are no fishes or any other form of aquatic life in Panging Lake. There are few species of shrubs and herbs that grow around the lake in the marshes. Numerous ducks and gulls can be spotted in plenty over the lake

Can I travel from Leh to Pangong Lake during Chadar Trek?

Chadar Trek happens during the winter months of January and February. During these months the road to Chang La Pass may be closed due to snow at the high passes. If it is open there is a possibility of traveling from Leh to Pangong Lake but you should travel only after completing the frozen river Zanskar trek. You should not visit Pangong lake during your first three days of acclimatizing in Leh. This is to avoid falling sick and failing in the medical test of Chadar Trek. Do keep an extra day in your travel itinerary for contingencies if you are traveling to Pangong Lake.


When you visit Leh Ladakh, you must visit Pangong Lake. The unadulterated natural beauty of the Pangong Lake makes it a must-visit destination.

We hope the above information will be useful for your upcoming trip to Ladakh.

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