Why Choose Altitude Adventure India?

Altitude Adventure India is an independent organization created by entrepreneurs who have been trekking extensively in the Indian Himalayas.

The success of Altitude Adventure lies in the founders 14 years of experience trekking in the mountains of India. The organization’s aim is to employ the best experienced locals  (guides, kitchen teams, horse whisperers and local service suppliers) so that the trekkers can fully enjoy their trekking experience. The team is carefully selected based on their extensive research and understanding of the mountain terrains of India.

Having the best team helps us to connect you with the geography, the people and the local culture. As the founders are from the city, they have an in-depth understanding of challenges which adventures seekers from the city face while trekking in mountains at remote locations. Especially beginners face lot of challenges in physical preparation, finding the right gears, dealing with AMS at high altitude and cold weather.

Altitude Adventure aims to provide our customers with expert guidance, authentic information and an unmatched quality of service while trekking. Thus the trekker can return home enriched by the experiences that go beyond those of the unprepared trekker, which is the reward for our services.

Once you register for any of our trek, you get regular updates regarding the trek over email, till the day of your departure. You are assigned a ground co-coordinator who will answer to all your queries specific to the trek.

Booking with an organizer which provides expert guidance in preparing for your trek avoids any untoward happenings during the trek and you come back with the most memorable experience of trekking in the mountains.

In addition to our fixed departure treks, we offer customized treks or private groups that cater to a variety of special interest requests including changes in itinerary and stay in hotels of your choice and category.

We are eager to serve the trekkers, who are curious and enchanted by the sheer attraction of mountains, the geography, the people and culture of the region.

Happy Customers


Altitude Adventure India is Co-founded by Nazir Usman. He himself is an avid trekker and has been trekking since 2001. Till date, he has done more than 150+ treks in the Sahyadri mountain range and the Himalayas. He has his own personal blog at www.trekwithnazir.com

Nazir Usman

Co- Founder

I am from Mumbai, India and my story began in 2000 when by chance I was pulled by friends on a trek to Bhimashankar, in Maharashtra, on the pretext of going for a picnic which actually was a trek which we did over 2 days.

This trek sowed the seeds of adventure and trekking in me whihc got a major boost in 2007 when I trekked first time in Ladakh, India. Since then I have trekked regularly in the Himalayas and closer home in the Sahyadri mountains of Maharashtra.

I have done 150+ treks in the Sahyadris and the Himalayas. I have my own personal trekking blog at www.trekwithnazir.com where I am sharing most my trek experiences to encourage understanding about trekking and inspiring more and more people fall in love with the mountains.

Join me, as I now arrange treks to these same beautiful places, so that you too can share entertaining stories, have beautiful images and videos as lifetime memories of your sojourn to the exotic places.

Based on my 17 years of trekking experience i have arranged a wonderful team of locals in every region who will make awesome arrangements for you (and your family) under my personal guidance and supervision so that you have one of the best experiences of trekking in the Himalayas.