Kedarkantha Family Trek - 6 Days


Kedarkantha Family Trek from Altitude Adventure

We have received several requests from parents considering treks as a meaningful and fun way to spend the summer holidays with their kids.

Trekking together as a family deepens bonds between parents and children immensely.

The joyful memories created under natural environments last a lifetime.

For this, we have started Kedarkantha Family trek that is child-friendly and encourage parents to bring their children along or if children are more enthusiastic then get their parent along !!

Why Kedarkantha is chosen as Family Trek?

Kedarkantha is the perfect preparation for a beginner venturing on a Himalayan Odyssey in India. With a reasonable degree of physical fitness (achievable in about 2-4 weeks of regular workouts), one can confidently set out on this trek and get to sample everything that the best of the Himalayan trek has to offer.

This trek is highly recommended for first-timer trekkers wanting to experience mountain trails, camping in meadows, star gazing, astrophotography and have the thrill of summit-ting a mountain peak.

At the same time, it is an easy to moderate trek where during the day you trek not more than 4-5 hours.

The summit to the peak is optional and you may choose to relax at the base camp reading a book or clicking photographs or with any other pass time you wish to do.

Kedarkantha Family trek is conducted only during vacations/holidays and is different from normal Kedarkantha

Trek in a few ways. Check Price Inclusions/ Exclusions Tab for complete details.

Day 1 – Dehradun to Sankri via Mussoorie (Drive 210km/ 8hrs)

Day 2 – Trek from Sankri to Juda ka Taalab (Trek 9,000ft/ 4hrs)

Day 3 – Trek from Juda ka Talaab to Kedarkantha Base (Trek 9,000ft/ 7hrs)

Day 4 – Trek to Kedarkantha Summit and descend to Hargaon (Trek 9,000ft/ 8hrs)

Day 5 – Trek from Hargaon back to Sankri (9,000ft/ 3hrs)

Day 6 – Drive from Sankri to Dehradun (210km/ 8hrs)

Day 1
Dehradun to Sankri (Drive 210km/ 8hrs)

Drive from Dehradun via Mussorie on twisting roads to reach Purola and then onwards to Sankri, . This drive presents one of the most scenic sights of the Garhwal monains as you pass through exotic locales of Mussoorie and Barkot.Sankri is the last motorable village and lies 3km inside Govind National Park. You’ll camp at this quaint village for the tent in pitched camps.

Day 2
Trek from Sankri to Juda ka Taalab (Trek 9,000ft/ 4hrs)

We start with an early morning exercise to acclimatize with the local weather conditions. Then after a wholesome breakfast and riefing about the trek, you’ll begin your trek from the beautiful village of Sankri and head towards Juda ka Talaab. This is a remote lake tucked away in the grandeur of the snow-capped mountains and surrounded by pine and oak trees. We chose an ideal spot to camp for the night. We have our dibbber and retire for the night.

Day 3
Trek from Juda ka Talaab to Kedarkantha Base (Trek 9,000ft/ 7hrs)

Post breakfast, we start on the day’s trek to the base of the Kedarkantha peak. This is one of the finest stretches on this trail as the natural beauty is unbelievable and promises to leave behind an unforgettable memory. Trek through forest heavily occupied by pine and oak trees that give these mountains its distinct charm. Arrive at an open meadow at the summit’s base, set up our camp here. We will enough time to soak in the surrounding, click pictures and play games before our dinner. Night n Tents.

Day 4
Trek to Kedarkantha Summit and descend to Hargaon (Trek 9,000ft/ 8hrs)

Today will be the longest day of the trek as we summit Kedarkantha Peak (3,850m)and return to base camp. After some rest we start our descen to Hargaon. Ensure that you have had a suitably large sized breakfast as you wil require lot of energy for the long day. Hargaon, will be your destination for the night’s halt.

Day 5
Trek from Hargaon back to Sankri (9,000ft/ 3hrs)

Today is your final day of the mesmerising adventure of Kedarkantha trek. After the breakfast, pack and prepare for your trek back to Sankri. Along the way you can enjoy the open views of meadows of the beautiful Har ki Dun Valley much known for its rich flora.

Day 6
Drive from Sankri to Dehradun (210km/ 8hrs)

We travel on the same path from Sankri to Dehradun as we came on our onwards journey. But this time there will be lots of unforgettable memories reminiscing the past 5 days of adventure as you head back home.

How safe is the Kedarkantha Family trek?

  1. We have designed our itineraries to allow for adequate acclimatization, yet there are chances that you will feel the effects of altitude sickness and oxygen deprivation while on this trek. Please be aware that your trek leader may deem it unsafe for you to continue trekking at any time, and arrange for you to return back to base camp.
  2. Our trek leaders will conduct routine health checks at all camps to measure oxygen saturation, and pulse rate. Altitude Adventure reserves the right to exclude any trekker from continuing the trek without refund if the trekker’s vital readings are below accepted norms.
  3. This is a high altitude trek with rough, rocky and snowy terrain. It is important that you are a fit and confident walker in mountain terrain, able to complete certain distances by yourself within a reasonable time. Altitude Adventure reserves the right to send a trekker back if, in the opinion of our trek leader, they are unable to complete the itinerary without requiring exclusive assistance. Please realistically self-assess your fitness and suitability for this trek before registering.

Trip Cost includes

  • Stay for all 5 nights in comfortable, clean and hygienic tents or guesthouse (Triple sharing basis)
  • Camping Fees
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) from Day-1 to Day-5
  • Breakfast and Lunch on Day-6
  • First aid medical kits and medical assistance during the trek
  • Stay for 5 nights in comfortable, clean and hygienic tents or guesthouse (Triple sharing basis)
  • Professional trek leads, Event management fees and Support staff

Trip Cost excludes

  • 5 % GST
  • Flight/Train Tickets till Dehradun
  • Transport from Dehradun City to Sankri and Return (Rs 2,000)
  • Offloading of bags during the trek
  • Dinner on Day-6
  • Cost Escalation due to natural reasons, obstructions, landslides etc.
  • Any personal expenses incurred during the trek
  • Cost of Emergency
  • Anything other than mentioned under ‘Inclusions’ above

Bare necessities

  1. Trekking shoes: You will need trekking shoes with good grip. Sports shoes will not be comfortable enough.
  2. Backpack (40-60 litres): A backpack with sturdy straps and a supporting frame. Rain cover for backpack is essential.


On a trek, carry fewer clothes than you would normally need. Do not pack for ‘what if situations’. That will only add to the weight of your backpack and not be used on the trek. Once your clothes get warmed up on a trek, you will not feel like changing. Just maintain personal hygiene.

  1. Four warm layers: On the pass crossing day, you will need at least four warm layers (two lights layers such as fleece, one light sweater and one padded jacket) for this trek.
  2. Three trek pants: Wear one pair and carry two pairs. Denim/jeans and shorts are not suitable for trekking.
  3. Three collared t-shirts: Carry light, full sleeved t-shirts that prevent sun burns on the neck and arms. Again, wear one and carry two. Let one of these be a dri-fit t-shirt. It will dry quickly in case you are trekking on a rainy day. A common mistake that trekkers make is not changing their tshirts often enough. Regardless of how cold it is, the body tends to sweat a lot. Trekkers who don’t change to fresh clothes after reaching the campsite fall ill due to wet clothes and are often unable to complete their trek.
  4. Thermals (Mandatory): Those who are more susceptible to cold can carry thermals to wear at night.


  1. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are to prevent snow blindness. These are more important in June. There might be snow at the upper campsites regardless of the season. So carry a pair of sunglasses.
  2. Suncap: The sun is intense at higher altitudes and a sun cap is absolutely essential to keep your face and neck safe from sun burns.
  3. Synthetic hand gloves: One pair of fleece or woolen hand gloves. One pair of water proof gloves.
  4. Balaclava: You may use woolen scarves instead as well.
  5. Socks (2 pairs):  Apart from two sports socks, you can take a pair of woolen socks for the night.
  6. Headlamp/LED torch: Mandatory


  1. Daypack (20 litres): If you are offloading your backpack, you will need a smaller backpack to carry water, medical kit and some light snacks.
  2. ToiletriesSunscreen, moisturiser, light towel, lip balm, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitiser. Do not carry wet wipes since these are not biodegradable. If you do happen to use wet wipes to clean up after a trek, make sure you bring them back with you. The same holds for used sanitary napkins. Carry a zip lock bag to put used wet tissues and napkins. Bring this ziplock bag back with you to the city and do not dispose wet tissues and sanitary napkins in the mountains.
  3. Cutlery: Carry a spoon, coffee mug and a lunch box. We insist on trekkers getting their own cutlery for hygiene reasons.
  4. Two water bottles: 1 litre each
  5. Plastic covers: While packing, use plastic bags to compartmentalise things and carry few extra plastic bags for wet clothes.

Mandatory Personal Medical Kit 

  1. Diamox – 10 tablets (to prevent AMS)
  2. Dexamethasone – one strip
  3. Nifedipine – 5 tablets
  4. Crocin – 6 tablets (fever)
  5. Avomine – 4 tablets (motion sickness)
  6. Avil 25mg – 4 tablets (allergies)
  7. Combiflam – 4 tablets (Pain killer)
  8. Norflox TZ & Lomofen– 6 tablets each (diarrhea)
  9. Digene – 10 tablets (acidity)
  10. Omez/ Rantadine – 10 tablets (antacids)
  11. Crepe bandage – 3 to 5 meters
  12. Gauze – 1 small roll
  13. Band aid – 10 strips
  14. Cotton – 1 small roll
  15. ORS – 10 packets
  16. Betadine or any antiseptic cream
  17. Moov spray (aches, & sprains)
  18. Knee cap, if you are prone to knee injury
  19. Anti fungal powder

Mandatory Documents

Please carry the below documents. Document two and three need to be downloaded (PDF), filled in, signed and handed over to the trek leader at the base camp.
  • Original and photocopy of government photo identity card- (driving license, voters ID, etc.)
  • Medical Certificate (first part to be filled by a doctor and second part by the trekker) – Download PDF
  • Disclaimer form (to be filled by the trekker) – Download PDF

The Kedarkantha Family Trek is a moderate trek suitable for first time trekker with basic to above average fitness. The trail is fairly laid out path and doesn’t not have any steep ascends or descends. Water is easily available throughout the trail.

But, at high altitude as the air gets thinner oxygen is less abundant and you will find difficult to breathe. However, the human body has adaptations to altitude that allow it to partially compensate for the lack of oxygen provided you give sufficient time to acclimitise. We have given 3 days in the itinerary to sufficiently acclimatize your body to high attitude and weather conditions.

Trekking Experience: Prior trekking experience is helpful for this trek but not necessary.

Fitness Required: A high altitude trek in the Himalayas requires considerable fitness. Your body needs to train itself to process more work with lower levels of oxygen. Cardiovascular training before a trek is critically important.

Though the trek is in the Moderate category prior training is mandatory before attempting the trek. Registering for the trek is an understanding that you will undertake the mandated fitness training. Altitude Adventure has the right to reject candidates who do not meet our eligibility requirement at the base camp.

Our trek itinerary is planned in a way that on an average you have to cover around 12 kms in 8 hours although there may be slight variation depending on the terrain. This works out to roughly 1.5 kms per hour which is equivalent to walking in the plains at 6 kms per hour.

Here is the training schedule to prepare for the trek.

You can train yourself to run 3 kms in 30 minutes as per the schedule given below. Remember always start your training program with stretching and warm up exercises.

Stretching: Stretch your hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, lower back muscles and shoulders.

Training schedule for 1 Month:

Week 1: Start with 10 minute of brisk walk and then jog for 10 minutes and finally 10 minutes of easy walk.

Week 2: 5 minutes of brisk walk 15 minutes of jog 5 minutes of easy walk

Week 3: 5 minutes of brisk walk 15 minutes of jog 5 minutes of easy walk

Week 4: 5 minutes of brisk walk and jog for 25 min and cool down your body

If you are somebody who prefers cycling over running, then try to cover 22 km in 60 minutes.

Record your run on an app like Nike Run or Sports Tracker to have a better understanding of your routine. Start recording your run when you start running. At the end of your run, hit the stop button. Review your run on the app to see how you performed on that day and continuously monitor your progress

Note: Make sure your GPS is on when you record your run.

Strength Training – There is a lot of trekking distance that you will cover in high altitude carrying your backpacks.  It could be taxing for your legs. For this, strengthening your legs will help. You can do some squats to strengthen them. Start with 2 sets of squats with 8 squats in each set and work towards 4 sets of squats with 20 in each set in 4 weeks.

Given below is our cancellation policy.

If a trek is called off by us at the last moment due to a natural calamity/ unforeseen circumstances (like rains, earthquake, landslides, strike, bandh, curfew, etc), Altitude Adventure India will issue a trek voucher for the full amount. The voucher can be redeemed for the same trek or another trek in the next one year.

If you cancel your trek, the cancellation charges are as given below:

  • Cancellations prior to 30 days from the start of the trek –full refund.
  • Cancellation between 30 days and 20 days to the start of the trek –50% refund.
  • Cancellation less than 20 days to the start of the trek –no refund.

Please note:

Refunds will be processed within 7-10 working days from the date of cancellation.

In case of refund, there will be a deduction of 5% (bank charges) from the total fee you have paid.

If you wish to cancel your trek, please e-mail us on [email protected] or fill the Trip Cancellation form.  Cancellation requests are not taken over phone.

The Kedarkantha trek starts from Sankri, which is around 196 kms from Dehradun.

We will organize  transport from Dehradun to Sankri. The pick up is at 6.30 am from Dehradun Railway Station on Day 1. The cab fare is Rs.5,500 per vehicle. This is not included in the trek fee. It is to be shared amongst trekkers and paid directly to the driver.  You will reach Sankri around  pm.

To reach Dehradun

The best way to reach Dehradun is to take an overnight train from Delhi. There are two trains available from Delhi to Dehradun. We recommend that you take this one –

  • 12205 Nandadevi Express – 23.50 – 5.40
  • 12055 DDN Jan Shatabdi – 15.20 – 21.10 (reach the previous night)

If you cannot find a train, then take a bus. If you are coming by bus than reach a day earlier as buses are not reliable on timings and are usually delayed

Getting back

The Kedarkantha trek ends at Sankri. We will organize your  transport for a fare of Rs.5,500 per cab. This is to be shared amongst trekkers and paid to the driver directly. You will reach Dehradun by 6.00 pm.

If you are travelling to Delhi, you can choose to go back by Mussoorie Express (21.20) or Nanda Devi Express (23.30).

Overall Trip Rating
4.68 stars - Based on 25 reviews
Very Good
  1. The trek was very well organized right from arrival till our departure from sankri. The camp sites and the scenic beauty is mind blowing. The surroundings with snow and forest trees were picture perfect. I had seen such images only in calendars before. This was my first Himalayan trek and I can’t wait to go to the next trek.. maybe chadar trek… lets see.. But definitely I will be going with Altitude Adventure India.
  2. Kedarkantha is a fascinating trek with its beautiful camp sites, especially Juda ka Talab. Memories of snow fall at the camp site is still fresh in my mind. Altitude Adventure India team was the best, right from helping us with our preparations and serving us hot food at those high altitudes. They are one of the team I have met. Looking forward to many more treks with you.
  3. The Trek leader and the guides of Altitude Adventure India are the best. They never let us down even though it was snowing heavily. Made us feel at ease and next day we learned how to pitch tents even with snow around
  4. I had the most amazing experience of walking on snow capped mountains for the first time. I played with snow at our camp sites, trekked in knee-deep snow on summit day and clicked countless photographs. Thank you Altitude Adventure India because of which I came back with a wonderful experienced. I would definitely recommend you guys to all my friends and would go with you for my next trek.
  5. Kedarkantha trek has exquisite scenery and the view from the summit is just awesome. What made the trek even better were our group members who came from different parts of India. I made new friends and we are still in touch to plan our next trek with Altitude Adventure India.
  6. I’m still missing the trek food. Of course the scenery is mesmerizing but since I am a foodie I just loved the food cooked by chefs of Altitude Adventure India. For me the best part was the food as I was skeptical of what I will get to eat during the trek.
  7. I loved every part of the kedarkantha trek. The overall experience was beyond imagination. I super liked the meadows, forests and snow covered mountains. We had lot of fun playing Uno, singing songs, Dumb Charades and generally everybody mingled very well. We had a great bonding not only between trekkers but also with the support team. The Altitude Adventure India team gave excellent service and took good care of us.
  8. The trek was magical! Almost like a fairy tale scenario at the campsites. We experienced the first snowfall at the second camp. Great team of Altitude Adventure India, trek lead, guides, the cooking team and the ground co ordination by Sohail.
  9. I am thankful to Altitude Adventure India staff for giving us best service in spite of harsh weather conditions. It was snowing throughout the 4 days and they made us feel comfortable by providing hot water, delicious food, clearing of snow around tents. They even surprised us with a birthday cake for one of the trekkers
  10. I have done 2 treks with Altitude Adventure India and I will continue t trek with them in the futre.I am looking for my Chadar trek with them as they are the best organizer for chadar. I came across trekkers from other Trekking communities during the journey, who were not satisfied with their organizers. I think I was very lucky in choosing the best
  11. Kedrakantha was my first trek with Altitude Adventure India as I was recommended to go with them by my best friend. And rightly so. I must appreciate the love and care shown by the team. Now I am going to refer them to my friends. It was almost perfect. Can’t think of any flaw with them.
  12. I simply loved the Kedrakantha trek!!! The beauty is mesmerizing! I am falling short of words to describe the entire experience. Altitude Adventure India did a fabulous job in organizing such a wonderful trek. They made sure that our medical aspects, camping and food requirements were well taken care of. Hats off!!! to the entire team of Altitude Adventure India!
  13. The Kedarkantha trek was simply awesome !!! It was organized and executed by Altitude Adventure India in a planned manner. Even small details were taken care by the team. they showed great hospitality to all the trekkers in the group. The team comprising of cooks, guides and trek lead contributed greatly for the success of our summit. A delicious cake was prepared for a trek-mate for his birthday. He was overwhelmed by the birthday celebration at such high altitude
  14. Kedarkantha is a brilliant trek. I liked the way trail changes from day 1 to the summit on day 3. This trek has so much to offer for the trekkers. The easy climb through the pine forests on day1, then beautiful meadows on day 2 and finally some steep ascent to the summit on day 3. All in all it has a variety of offering to satisfy a trekker
  15. Awesome!!! Kedarkantha was an Exhilarating experience to cherish for a life time. Before the trek, I was quite skeptical about few things with Altitude Adventure India. However all that thoughts were put to rest on first day itself when ii met their team. Till the last day when I returned successfully after completing the trek the experience was of being together as one if family.
  16. My first brush with Himalayas was thanks to Altitude Adventure India and it was extremely positive. I met people from Garhwal at sankri and some of them were part of the support team. They were absolutely warm, homely and gracious.the entire trek experience was amazing. I really appreciate the Altitude Adventure India trek leads for a wonderful trek experience
  17. I got to meet some amazing people during the kedarkantha trek. Not only trek mates but also our trek leader who was very motivating. I couldn’t have been at the summit without the support of the Altitude Adventure India and my group.
  18. The quality of food that was served to the trekkers in the high altitude environment was phenomenal. It was not only nutritious but also delicious. The chefs job was commendable considering the conditions in which it was cooked.
  19. The summit on third day requires some technical expertise and Altitude Adventure India had provided a trek lead who had sound mountaineering knowledge. This kept the morale of the group highly as we all felt safe in the hands of an expert trek lead. I would definitely recommend an experience with Altitude Adventure India to all.
  20. Kedarkantha was my second trek after the Sarpass trek in the Himalayas. The campsites of Kedarkantha are absolutely beautiful with snow all around. I was a solo traveler and I just wanted to chill, listen to my favorites songs and plan about my future career. The Trek offered me a perfect opportunity to fulfill all and come back rejuvenated. The trek leader was perfect in keeping the trekkers at ease and kept motivating us during the summit.
  21. Kedarkantha was my first trek ever and I have unforgettable memories of this trek thanks to Altitude Adventure India. Their team was really good and they never failed to take take good care of us all the time. The 4 continuous days of Kedrakantha trek in extreme weather condition without a prior trek experience was memorable only because of Altitude Adventure India
  22. Altitude Adventure India team made us feel like one big family. Each and every trekker was taken care of and treated very well. These huys know their job and they are the best at it. Best wishes for the team, you guys are the best.
  23. I would say that the kedarkantha trek is not an easy one It would be a moderate trek in terms of difficulty especially considering the summit. It is indeed a trek of SUPERLATIVE in terms of Beauty. The feeling of doing a summit during the trek is unmatched.
  24. Kedarkantha was my first trek with Altitude Adventure India and the team was very good. The kitchen staff made it a memorable trek for me by preparing a cake on my birthday. The guides were very helpful in preparing us for the summit in snow. They checked our snow gaiter, spikes etc and taught us how to walk carefully in snow. Now, I am looking forward for many more treks with Altitude Adventure India.
  25. Altitude Adventure India’ treks are well organized and they have a team of passionate people. They employ many locals who have love & respect for the mountains. And, their food arrangements are amazing. All the trek equipments are in perfect shape though they are carried by mules & porters. Even groceries are carried along with fresh vegetable to serve us nutritious and delicious meals. They maintain the camp site very clean for us to give an amazing experience

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