Milton Thermosteel and Cello Thermosteel Bottle Review

Why you must carry a Thermosteel bottle like a Milton or Cello with you during your Chadar Trek or any other Winter trek.

Drinking warm water is extremely important during winter treks.

Warm water can have a healing effect on your bodily functions when you are trekking in extremely cold and harsh conditions of a winter trek like Chadar Trek.

In this post, we are listing the health benefits of drinking warm water during winter treks and also reviewing Milton Thermosteel and Cello Thermosteel bottles.

  • Warm water helps with digestion by cleansing your stomach of toxins and wastes. Drinking a warm cup of water in the morning during your winter trek will help kick-start bowel movement by breaking down the waste stuck in your intestines.
  • Warm water stimulates blood circulation in your body & strengthens your immune system against winter diseases such as cough or influenza. You can carry green tea bags and insert in warm water and drink it to increase your blood flow
  • Drinking warm water in winter treks is one of the best-known remedies for alleviating pain from muscle cramps, headaches, menstruation, etc.

On the contrary, drinking Coldwater has a lot of side effects.

Coldwater may cause respiratory problems which can cause your nose to be blocked. Regularly drinking cold water during the trek may create other breathing issues which may need treatment. If you have a migraine or serious sinus infection, you should not drink cold water during the trek.

When you drink cold water, it makes your nasal and respiratory passage blocked which automatically triggers migraine pain.

If you drink cold water regularly then your body needs more energy to regulate the body temperature which may drain your energy and you may feel exhausted during the trek.

Furthermore, cold water is known to aggravate acidity symptoms which may, in turn, lead to AMS i.e acute mountain syndrome.

So how do you get warm water in the extreme cold conditions during the winter trek, especially during the night or early morning when you wake up.

You need to buy at least 1 thermosteel bottle for this purpose. Have a thermosteel bottle as one of your water bottles if you are going for the Chadar Trek or any other winter treks.

Most trek organizers including Altitude Adventure provide warm water during the night after dinner. You may store the warm water in a Thermo steel bottle to drink early in the morning or even during the day.

But this thermosteel bottle should be capable to keep the water warm even during the -30c temperature of chadar trek.

So, we tested 4 thermosteel bottles –  3 well-known brands and 1 not so famous.

We filled these thermosteel bottles with hot water and kept them in the refrigerator top section where we keep water to form ice.

We kept them overnight and in the morning checked the water temperature in all of them. Surprising only 2 of them had hot water and the other 2 could not keep the water warm.

The two which had hot water in spite of being kept in the freezer over-nite were Milton thermosteel bottle and Cello thermosteel bottle.

You may buy either of these 2 brands as we found that they are the best thermosteel bottles for drinking warm water in winter treks. Milton thermosteel, as well as Cello thermosteel bottle, have dual caps and you will never have an issue of water leaking from these bottles.

In our opinion having a thermosteel bottle as a water bottle is a must in the cold weather conditions of the Chadar trek or any other winter trek.

Preferably buy the Milton Thermosteel 500 ml or 750 ml bottle as the 1 litle water is too bulky to carry in your backpack.

Caution: Never drink water straight from the thermosteel bottle. Always pour the water in the cap and drink as the water may be too hot in the thermos and you may burn your tongue.

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