How to Select the Best Chadar Trek Organizers

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Are you planning to go to Chadar Trek this winter?

If yes, then ensure that you have selected one of the best Chadar trek organizers in India. As you are struggling with your preparation for this strenuous trek where you will be walking in extremely cold conditions on the frozen Zanskar river you may also struggle to find the best Chadar trek organizers.

The Chadar trek also is known as the frozen river trek happens in the winter months of January and February when the Leh Ladakh temperature is around minus 20 degrees Celsius. As you will be trekking in such cold Ladakh temperature you need to be certain that you are going with the best chadar trek organizers.

Recently many new organizers have sprung up who can take you to the Chadar trek and most of them have options to book this trek online. There are also quite a few reputed ones who have been organizing this trek for the past few years.

You will be surprised to know that most big or reputed trekking organizers in the country mainly take bookings for the trek. These reputed trek organizers cannot be considered as best chadar trek organizers because eventually, they outsource the trek to a local agency. And you will NOT know the agency until you arrive in Leh for your trek.

Actually most treks in Ladakh are given to a local agency. That is not an issue. But, sometimes to fulfill the overbooking demand they end up outsourcing to different new agencies. And that’s where the problem lies.

All local agencies in Ladakh are not equal and differ in terms of the quality of experience they offer.

To fulfill the ever-growing demand and to cash on the craze of Chadar Trek many new local agencies are available but they lack the proper experience, support staff and safety standards for chadar trek.

They also cut costs and compromise on food, tents, sleeping bags and the safety gear. These new agencies lack the necessary experience to take care of you on this frozen river trek.

There have been cases when the trekker has arrived in Leh and he is still not aware which guesthouse to check-in because there is no proper coordination between the local agency and the reputed company who took your booking.

Yet, there are experienced local agencies who have been there for many years but they are few in numbers.

These agencies are the best chadar trek organizers and they not only have the best manpower and gears for the trek but they also focus on getting you acquainted with the extreme cold Leh Ladakh temperature. They take care of all your needs for such a demanding and challenging trek and allow you to have fun while following a set of rules.

They employ local people from the Zanskar region as their support staff, trek leaders and guides.

The people from Zanskar are known for their hospitality and are very efficient possessing the immense experience to manage the entire expedition.

They are very helpful and are able to guide a first-timer on the kind of terrain that will be there and how to tackle the extreme cold situation. They safeguard you and make certain you successfully complete your dream trek.

So to find the best Chadar Trek organizers in India find a local agency from Ladakh who has an office in Leh.

And if the agency has a website and provides online booking for multiple batches then it will be highly recommended. This will allow you to be in direct and constant touch with the organizer who will satisfy all your queries and you will not have any surprises.

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